Big Trouble For Captured Secretaries

Release Date: Jan.24.2019
Running Time: 0:46:37
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Charlotte Stokely, Kendra James, Scarlet Banks, Kiera Winters, Lyla Storm, Stacie Jaxxx

Charlotte Stokely's jewelry attracts an ambitious thief who trusses the gorgeous blonde in her bedroom and silences her protests with duct tape! Charlotte's bad day turns nightmarish when the thug dumps her in the trunk of his car after he decides to hold her for ransom!

Bad girl Scarlet Banks likes what she sees when she encounters expertly-roped and tape-gagged hostage Kendra James! Stylishly dressed in a tight top, short skirt and pumps, Kendra's stunned when horny Scarlet crawls onto the bed where she's been confined and begins to explore her bound body! However, when the angry redhead kicks at her tormentor, Scarlet shows her nasty side by hogtying Kendra, stealing her shoes and laughing at her noisy writhing!

Victimized by an office rival, Kiera Winters squirms in stockinged feet on the floor, her sober black pinstripe jacket and skirt dominated by the white ropes pinioning her slight body and the garish red tape sealing her lips! Kiera's humiliation peaks after her enemy yanks open her jacket and bra to expose her breasts, then photographs the bound and disheveled prisoner!

Sloppily bound by a home invader, Lyla Storm works hard to pull the cleave- gag from her mouth but her panicky cries convince the criminal that more drastic bondage is required! Rigorously roped in her blouse, skirt and stockinged feet, Lyla never relents as she twists on the floor against a maddening tether and wails behind her tape- gag!

Courageous Stacie Jaxxx hoped to nab a sleazy character by answering his fraudulent job ad, but her undercover career ended with the wide-eyed girl tape-gagged and tied to a chair. Before matters improve for Stacie, the spirited girl's reduced to a bare-breasted captive struggling in tethered restraint on the hardwood floor!

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