Family Disunion: Grab And Bind Of Lee Smith

Release Date: Feb.07.2019
Running Time: 0:43:20
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Lee Smith

Life was great for glamorous entrepreneur Lee Smith -- then predatory relatives paid her a very unwelcome visit!

Lee's relaxing in her sun-filled backyard when she's shocked to see an oddly-garbed pair shamble into view. When Lee sharply asks who they are and what they're doing at her home, the drawling old man identifies himself as her fourth cousin Jasper, then introduces his daughter Rosanna. At first amiable, Jasper turns nasty when Lee rejects his request for hospitality and orders them to leave; sidling behind Lee, Rosanna applies her formidable ropecraft talent to her astonished cousin's body while Jasper tapes her mouth. Writhing bound and gagged on top of her outdoor bar, Lee begins to recognize the depth of her peril when her frightful relatives proclaim their greed-driven agenda!

When this highly dysfunctional family moves indoors, Lee's allowed to change into a stylish black dress and heels but then she's forced back into bondage captivity. Trussed to a chair with eccentric swirls of white rope knotted around her black dress, Lee tries to retain her composure while her despicable cousins flit around the house like locusts. When she finally cracks and begins to scream, Jasper's quickly at hand to gag her with a black cleave!

After Jasper discovers the key to Lee's safe-deposit box, he heads off to the bank in search of big bucks and leaves his unwilling benefactor in Rosanna's hands. No more classy dress for the hapless young woman -- after she's forced to don sweats, Rosanna immobilizes her with duct tape. While Lee squirms and moans uncomfortably on the hardwood floor, her mean-spirited cousin relaxes on the couch above her! Rosanna then reveals the source of her seething rage against Lee: several years before, she'd sent letters to her cousin in Hollywood begging to come and live with her. Convinced that it was her destiny to become a movie star, she'd been enraged when Lee ignored her; now she's making her snooty relative suffer!

Flush with a chunk of Lee's wealth after his return from the bank, a mellow Jasper orders Rosanna to treat her cousin more gently. Lee exchanges the ignominious sweats for a grey dress and the wooden floor for a bed, but the vindictive Rosanna binds her tightly with black rope and gags her with white tape. Tethered wrist to ankle, Lee shivers under the baleful glances of an arrogant girl who Lee would never have considered hiring for her company; now the once-confident businesswoman's entirely at her mercy!

Jasper prevents Rosanna from inflicting more severe punishment on the woman she blames for destroying her hopes of a film career, but Lee reels from the whirlwind inflicted on her life by the bizarre kin in just a few hours. Her house plundered, her sense of well- being undermined, Lee stands bound to her bedpost blue-jeaned and barefoot, her mouth covered by a taut white cloth. Glorying in their conquest of the big city, back-country evildoers Jasper and Rosanna pay their sarcasm-dripping compliments to Lee before they head back to their faraway lair, never to return... or so their victim hopes!

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