Business Beauties Work To Get Free

Release Date: Jan.30.2020
Running Time: 0:48:5
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Mallory Rae Murphy, Dylan Riley, Nikki Nefarious, Candle Boxxx, Indica James, Kellie Krave, Natalie Mason, Dana Wilcox, Linda Connors

A census interview turns toxic for Mallory Rae Murphy when she's taken captive by a paranoid interviewee, who ropes her to a chair, tape-gags the terrified girl, then subjects her to a bizarre interrogation!

Buxom little Dylan Riley scams her aged employer, but devious partner- in-crime Nikki Nefarious ruins Dylan's fun by trussing her to a metal headboard, where the indignant captive writhes and squeals through her tape- gag!

When Kellie Krave's blundering financial advisor avoided her angry calls, she decided to get his attention by seizing sister Candle Boxxx and her friend Indica James, then tying and cleave-gagging the innocent girls!

Betrayed by greedy partner Dana Wilcox, then bound to a chair and tape- gagged by Nikki Nefarious, Natalie Mason struggles angrily until she's rescued by her boyfriend! Then it's Dana's turn to squirm tape-gagged and ball- tied on the floor!

Once the fraud suspect was drunk, insurance investigator Linda Connors headed for his computer -- but the wily crook grabbed Linda and threatened her with dire consequences as his ball-tied and tape-gagged prisoner whimpered on the floor!

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