Dressed Up And Trussed Up

Release Date: Jun.21.2018
Running Time: 0:50:34
Category: Secretaries in Bondage

Starring: Sara Jaymes, Randy Moore, Bree Daniels, Aiden Ashley, Sadie Moreau, Maria Santana, Natasha Warner, Sadie Moreau, Maria Santana, Natasha Warner

With her car in the garage, Sara Jaymes was happy to accept office-mate Randy Moore's offer of a ride home. To Sara's horror, once Randy was alone with her, she produced coils of rope from her purse, bound the smaller girl hand and foot, taped her mouth, then threw Sara on her bed, pulled her dress open and lustfully toyed with her slender body!

Two bungling burglars targeted the wrong secretary for their theft, but they still roped innocent Bree Daniels to a chair and tied a knotted cloth in her mouth!

When a crooked office-worker caught Aiden Ashley eavesdropping on his scam with her camcorder, the pretty secretary was in for an afternoon of struggling bound and tape-gagged on the floor!

Natasha Warner knew that she was dealing with some shady characters but the money was too good for an ambitious young executive to ignore. Just how dangerous her associates were Natasha didn't realize until she arrived home to find that they were holding housemates Sadie Moreau and Maria Santana as bound and gagged hostages!

Ordered to turn over information she'd rashly held back, Natasha complied, then joined Sadie and Maria in bondage! First trussed up and tape-gagged on the floor, the frightened young women strained cautiously against their bonds as they listened to their captors casually discussing their fate in the next room!

Although they were unharmed, Natasha, Maria and Sadie were strictly hogtied as a final warning; writhing frantically once their tormentors were gone, they squealed behind their tape gags and hoped that their muffled cries would alert a rescuer!

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