Vid418: Penelope Princess in Predicament Bondage

Release Date: Feb.17.2017
Running Time: 0:33:10
Category: Superheroine

Starring: Becca

Penelope Princess (Becca) is relaxing, reading her book, when she hears a knock, only to find a box filled with sleepy Gas!  Penelope slowly passes out.  When she wakes up she finds her self gagged and strapped to a cage, unable to move.  Her head is also strapped to the cage, unable to move anything, she struggles so hard to free herself to no avail.  The hot light beside her cooking her to a pulp.  Poor Penelope.....

In the second trap, Penelope looks for a villian, but a net traps her and she ends up inside the net and gassed out. When she wakes up, she is strapped to the pole.... Poor Penelope!



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