Vid420: Negative Universe

Release Date: Mar.03.2017
Running Time: 0:27:25
Category: Superheroine

Starring: Becca, Sasha

Good Nebula (played by Sasha) riffles through some papers wearing a white leotard, jean jacket and thigh high gray boots. She mutters to herself that there must be something that would expose the corruption of the government.  Bad Cop Becca sneaks up behind her wearing a sexy leather outfit and buckled thigh high boots: "Hands up!" 

Good Nebula looks around shocked but puts her hands up. Bad Cop Becca wonders how she broke into this top secret location. She thinks it's an inside job and is going to make Good Nebula tell her! Good Nebula refuses, so Bad Cop Becca walks her to her doom!

Bad Cop Becca puts Good Nebula  on an inclined table and ties her to it. Bad Cop tortures Good Nebula for information over and over!   Then we see Bad Cop Becca tie Nebula to the pole good and tight! This is a must see video!  Becca playing the baddie!

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