Vid423: The Special Client

Release Date: May.29.2017
Running Time: 0:49:59
Category: Damsel in Distress

Starring: Becca, Sasha

Becca shows off her sheer blouse, black bra, long black gloves, short black skirt, hose, and heels.

Sasha arrives so the two can get the dungeon ready for a very special client.

Only Sasha sneaks up on Becca and chloroforms her!

Becca is out cold,  tied to a chair.

When she wakes up, Sasha returns and knocks Becca out again by covering her mouth with Sasha's gloved hand.

When Becca wakes up again, Sasha torments her with a riding crop, and then gags her, and chokes her unconscious with a riding crop.

While Becca is out cold, Sasha unbuttons her blouse, showing off Becca's beautiful cleavage and black bra.

Becca comes to and struggles, until Sasha chokes her out again with one off Sasha's long black gloves.

Then, after Becca comes to again, Sasa chokes her out AGAIN, this time with a power cord for a vacuum cleaner.

And THEN, after Becca comes around, Sasha chokes her out ANOTHER TIME with a chain.

Becca wakes up yet again, and this time, she struggles enough to get her legs untied. When Sasha attempts to tie her up again, Becca wraps her legs around her neck, and now it's Sasha's turn to go out like a light.

We next see Sasha unconscious in the chair.

Becca ties one of her arms down, but Sasha starts to come to before Becca can get the other one tied.

So, Becca chloroforms Sasha!

When Sasha comes to, Becca enters with a whip, and then chokes Sasha out with it.

Becca chokes Sasha out again when she comes to, then, when Sasha wakes up again, she knocks her out by covering Sasha's mouth with her gloved hand.

Sasha comes around again, but Becca chokes her (and covers her mouth) with her gloved hands, then returns with some rope and chokes her out once more.

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