Vid 376 Heather Schoolgirl and Wonder Women

Release Date: Aug.25.2018
Running Time: 0:32:56
Category: Damsel in Distress

Starring: Heather

The video starts with Heather dressed as a schoolgirl and bound in stocks. She begs with Becca (off screen) and has her ass beaten. (She's wearing a very short skirt, and a revealing blouse.)

Next, she's bound spread-eagle to a frame and ball gagged. After a while, her blouse is opened to reveal her bra. After more tormenting, she's gassed out.

The final scene involves Heather as Wonder Woman. She sneaks around an office, looking for information, only to be knocked out cold with gas. We see her tied up, first her wrists with her lasso, and then her arms and legs with more traditional rope. She struggles until she finally manages to untie herself.

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