Room 101

Release Date: Nov.15.2017
Running Time: 0:28:53
Category: Superheroine

Starring: Becca

Defender has been captured and taken to room 101 where she encounters her greatest fears POV Video Defender wearing a red ball gag tied at the breast, knees and ankles, in a kneeling position, a bomb in front of her no way to escape as the time ticks! We then See defender in a seated tie, ankles tied together knees, breast, arms tied behind her back wearing a black cleave gag, with dynamite at her feet and two robots on guard, she is wearing a collar as her neck is tied into to her knees Defender is then tied to a chair ankles crossed and tied, knees, thighs, and arms behind back wearing a cleave gag with three rats are her feet, Defender is scared shitless of these guys!!

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