Vid427: Adventures of Black Scorpian

Release Date: Sep.03.2017
Running Time: 0:25:43
Category: Superheroine

Starring: Becca

Black Scorpian drives up to  hide out.... once she gets to the door she is chloroformed by a mean looking fella.  Then we see her on a porch and it appears the villian inserted a toy while she was knocked out..... she is standing on a porch in handcuffs, tape gagged struggling against her vibe.. She poses in Her Black Scorpian outfit for him as she tries to stay on her feet as the vibe makes her unsteady.  He then places Black Scorpian in a chair and ties her up off screen, as she continues to struggle against her vibe and a mouth filling penis gag, she struggles against her vibe smiles.  He chloroforms Black Scorpian once again to put her in a different locaton



This guy sure loves to torment Black Scorpian she is now in an enclosed fence area outside  struggling and mpppjomg... Don't miss this scene you won't believe how he left her LOL!!  He left our poor Black Scorpian out in 100 degree weather with the sun beating down on her, poor Black Scorpian will she survive?

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