Vid421: Give Me Back My Boots!

Release Date: May.14.2017
Running Time: 0:36:35
Category: Damsel in Distress

Starring: Becca, Sasha

Bad NNebula has Star Cop Becca tied to a chair.  Becca is tied with arms behind her back ankles, and knees tied together, Nebula taunts Star Cop Becca, she knows that her crime fighting powers come from her thigh high boots!!!  Nebula says its time to cut Becca's powers down to szie.  She points her ray gun at Becca's boots!!  We then see Becca in knee  high gray boots, which has weakened her more..   Nebula still isnt satisfied so she points her ray gun again  and Zaps Becca's boots down to black high heel pumps.    Becca is so weak as Nebula laughs....


Watch as Becca escapes only to Capture Nebula and take back her thigh high boots!!   and tie her ass up!!!  Taking Nebula's  black jacket as a trophy!

Bondage... boots,

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