Dressed Up Damsels in Distress

Release Date: Jun.28.2018
Running Time: 0:42:32
Category: Costume Bondage

Starring: Tiffany Thomas, Eva Ellington, Holly Manning, Gisella Moreno, Marlena Mercurio, Candle Boxxx, Karlie Montana

 Thrashing against the ropes that restrain her to a bed and squealing through her tape gag, indignant bride Tiffany Thomas can't believe what a disaster her wedding day has become!

Petite track star Eva Ellington isn't fast enough to outrun the thug who makes her his trussed up and cleave gagged hostage!

Criminal intrigue snares sizzling stewardess Holly Manning in taut ropes and tape gag that her struggles fail to loosen!

Spunky soldier girl Gisella Moreno defies interrogators as she sits bound and cleave gagged in a chair! But once she's tape gagged, retied and forced to kneel on the chair, her resistance melts!

A crazed "trainer's" stretching routine subjects tape gagged cheerleader Marlena Mercurio to rope and bar bondage that turns the bewildered girl's world upside down!

Sexy sorceress Candle Boxxx attempts to dominate Karlie Montana with her magical powers, but Karlie doesn't need magic to overpower Candle and leave her bare breasted, ball gagged and writhing in a web of rope! 

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