How do i change my account information?

To Change your account information, please click on 'Manage Account'. From there you can edit your account details, payment details and see previous order history.

For pay per minute streaming, how can I tell how many minutes I have remaining?

To view your remaining minutes, please click on 'Mange Account' and you can see current minutes available.

What is the wish list?

Clicking on the Wish List button next to any movie adds it to your wish list. Many customers use this as a place where they can bookmark titles they may want to see later in the future and which have already been identified as a piece of media you want to view. By clicking 'Wish List' at the top of the page all movies you have previously tagged as wanting to view will be there. You may remove them at anytime from this page should you no longer wish to view in the future or if you have already watched them.

For the pay per minute streaming, do I get charged for skipping ahead in the movie, pausing or buffering?

No, you will only get charged for seconds which have been viewed during play. If you skip ahead to next part of the movie, pause or if there is buffering you will not be charged during that time.

For the pay per minute streaming, what happens if I forget my secret question or answer?

The secret answer to your question is much like a secure token for your privacy. It is so secure in fact that we do not even have the answer. It is encrypted and there is no key. The only way to unlock is for you to provide the correct question/answer as you input it when you setup your account. This is for your safety and security. You do not need to know this to actually view the media. In a case where you forget your secret question or answer, simply make sure you are logged out of the system and create a brand new account as if you were a first time user. This will allow you to re-enter your details and select a new secret.

Can the video window be dragged to different parts of my monitor?

Absolutely. If you position your mouse at the view top of the window you will see see that you can LEFT click. Hold down the left mouse button and drag the window to position it anywhere on your monitor within your browser viewing area that you wish.

How will the charge on my credit card statement appear?

Charges for video streaming will be appear as "SURFNET, INC. " on your credit card statement