Sample - DW-48 Hot Babes Bound & Gagged in Bra & P

Release Date: Oct.08.2012
Running Time: 0:00:30
Category: DW Series

Starring: Mai Lee, Mistress Victoria Talon, Lisa Tyler, Victoria Channing, Melissa Lynn
DW-48 is a mix of set up scenes and scenarios with all of our lovely ladies tightly bound, very effectively gagged, and squirming around in their cute bra's and panties. Asian beauty Mai Lee has never looked better and her performance is natural......she has great natural breasts for a small Asian girl and they look even better with clothespins on them. Lisa Tyler is a hot headed Italian girl who loves, loves, loves to be tightly bound and gagged.......to the point her Mom actually found a trunk in her closet at home with her bondage gear in it.......she puts up a great fight, a very intense action packed scene. If you like seeing a real life, stern Mistress tightly bound and gagged on the other side of the power then you will love seeing Mistress Victoria Talon, a.k.a. Loretta Reeves tightly tied up, mouth packed and wrapped, squirming, gagbitching, and forced to show off her cute soles that she would normally charge a fortune for someone to see. Beautiful glamour model Victoria Channing is as pretty as they come and she is also a live wire, an Italian beauty who looks great squirming and Mmmpphing.......held captive in her garage. Lastly, Miss BIG MOUTH and I love it FULLY PACKED while I am TIED UP TIGHT Melissa Lynn has two great scenes.......Melissa stands out as one of the best, most fun girls I have ever tied, she can take and loves a full mouth packing and your going to get to see all that.......twice..........the usual fast paced, intense, action packed scenes, shot so you can actually "see them" in close up, doing the real deal with these girls, tight bondage, real gags simply with a camera on a tripod capturing the moment for you to enjoy.......and I think you will.


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