DW-58 Jilted Customers & Co-Workers!

Release Date: Jan.23.2017
Running Time: 1:55:53
Category: DW Series

Starring: Katie Thornton, Carolina Crush, Jacky Fay-Lynn, Sahrye, & Sofia Bertolini

We have all seen it or heard it before.....you or someone you know is working with a Hot girl and you find yourself attracted to her and finally muster up enough courage to ask her out.......or you have met a new girl at your favorite restaurant or hang out and she gets extra friendly and personal with you and being single you want, and finally ask her out.........but in both circumstances not only are you shot down but she goes from being sweet, flirty and nice to not only rude but condescending and sometimes down right aggressive and humiliating leaving you wondering if and how you read it wrong and feeling embarrassed, guilty, humiliated and insecure............this is the case in DW-58 when all of the girls have a job or profession that results in them getting asked out and them turning down the offer but taking it to another level and pushing it to the point to where they take a man who has no problem accepting a rejection of this type but pushes him until he "SNAPS" and wants either revenge or the chance to "prove to them" that had they given him a chance he would have showed them how "much fun" it is and would have been to go on a "bondage date" with him and after dinner enjoy an evening of being tightly bound and gagged........which, in his mind, would ensure a happy successful relationship.  Lots of variables and twists and turns in DW-58 with some of the Hottest girls yet all enjoying and totally getting  into getting heavily bound up and gagged to play out these fun, silly yet intense, real, and no joke binding and gagging.

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