Kendra Lynn in: Double Crossed Deception!

Release Date: Dec.18.2019
Running Time: 0:18:50
Category: Models Custom Streaming

Starring: Kendra Lynn
Kendra snickers as she explains her plot to her girlfriend on the phone.......it seems her Rich Millionaire Father expects and demands too much from her so she is going to hit him right where she wants to......in the pocketbook! While her Father is stern in some area's Kendra is his little Baby Girl and he will do anything for her.......including paying a $1 Million dollar ransom if she was to get kidnapped! Kendra laughs as she tells her girlfriend its going to be such an easy gig and money grab........she has already found a Dumb Goon who is on his way now to tie her up, gag her, take photos all for a measly $100, then he will send them to her father with her cell phone informing him Kendra has been Kidnapped.........he is to demand $1 Million dollars and Kendra has given him the routing and bank account number to an offshore account where the money will be safe once the transfer is made. Kendra tells her friend her father has 10's of Millions of $$ and he won't even miss it.......she then hears a knock and the door and hastily hangs up. Kendra welcomes the Goon in and quickly goes over the plan with him one last time....she is eager to get bound and gagged so she can get her money. The Goon ties Kendra up to a chair with each leg tied off to the side then straps a Harness Ball Gag into her Big mouth forcing her to drool......Kendra tells the Goon her father knows how prim and proper she is and she would never allow herself to drool like that. Once the Goon has Kendra Bound up and Gagged he takes numerous photos of her as she instructed him to do and texts them to her father along with the demand for the $1 Million dollars then starts to go over the plan with her again while she is gagged......The Goon Mentions Kendra will get $1 Million and he will get $100 for tying her up......Kendra nods her head in agreement and Mmmpphhhhs yes....but then the Goon goes on to tell Kendra that.......why should he settle for a Measly $100 taking this much risk when all he has to do.......or should he say, "Had to do" was simply open an offshore account himself and give Kendra's father the routing and account number to that instead.......after all, what was she going to do about it? Admit she was out to defraud her own Father and risk losing all of her inheritance down the road? Kendra tries to argue with the Goon but she is too well gagged......she squirms, gagbitches, and tries to threaten the Goon who simply laughs at her and thanks her for the great opportunity.......he tickles her feet, gropes her boobies, takes a few more photos, and enjoys himself as he reminds Kendra how much fun he is going to have at his Tropical Exotic Destination to collect his easy peasy $1 Million dollars. Kendra goes into a bound and gagged tirade as the Goon leaves squirming and gagbitching realizing she was just a Victim of.........Double Crossed Deception!

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