Lilian Stone Bound In: Lesbian Huffing Humiliation

Release Date: Nov.14.2019
Running Time: 0:27:32
Category: Models Custom Streaming

Starring: Lilian Stone
Lilian sits on her sofa still wearing her Thick White Fullback Panties as she talks to her Lover on the phone.......Lilian still has her Lover's White Back Fullback Panties stuffed into her panties and pulls them out and starts to Huff them as she continues talking to her lover........telling her how much fun she had with her and how much she misses her......but having her panties and being able to Huff them and smell her keeps her company while they are apart.....Lilian hangs up and tucks her Lovers panties back into her own panties. She starts to fantasize about her Hot Lesbian Lover when suddenly from behind the curtain in her living room her Lovers Husband pops out of no-where! He is aware of their little Perverted White Fullback Panty Huffing Kinky Love Affair and isn't too happy about it. He Grabs Lilian and pulls her arms behind her back as she accuses him of being a "Pervert" for listening to her "Perverted" phone call with his wife.......he reminds Lilian she is in fact the Pervert as he cracks her ass and tells her if she loves Huffing his wifes panties so much then he will make sure she has plenty of panties to huff on.... Before she knows it Lilian is tightly bound up with rope but remains defiant.....The Angry Husband hand gags her, gropes her boobies and tells her she is about to have some more Panty Huffing FUN! He Pulls his wifes Fullbacks out of Lilian's panties and huffs them then forces Lilian to Huff them.....he then cuts Lilians THICK White Fullbacks off and PACKS THEM TIGHTLY INTO HER BIG MOUTH, overfilling it......he then wraps them in tightly as Lilian squirms and gagbitches........all the while he is cracking her ass and heavily booby groping her......he then puts his Wifes Fullback panties over Lilians Pretty face and wraps them on tightly with electrical tape making sure he puts the still moist cotton panel directly over her nose. Lilian is now massively gagged as he continues to heavily grope her boobies, crack her ass and proceeds to put a knotted crotchrope on her as she squirms and gagbitches. He then puts her down on the floor and puts her into a tight hogtie tickling her very sensitive sweaty soles making her squirm and MMMPPHHH even more.......but he still isn't done......he ties Lilians big toes together with a soft cotton cord which really frustrates her as she wriggles her feet and squirms realizing she is heavily bound up and massively gagged and totally screwed at this point. The Vengeful Husband still isn't done as he puts Lilian into a very tight hogtie then goes on to take pictures of her with his phone to send to his Wife to Expose them both as well as Humiliate Lilian. A few more ass cracks and he leaves Lilian Nude, tightly bound up, massively gagged with her own Thick White Cotton Fullback panties with her Lesbian Lover's, the Man's Wife, panties taped over her pretty face, toe-tied, hogtied, and very frustrated and Humiliated in........Lesbian Huffing Humiliation!

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