Candle and Jewell Are: Battling Cheerleaders!

Release Date: Nov.14.2019
Running Time: 0:16:46
Category: Models Custom Streaming

Starring: Candle and Jewell
Candle is elated that she won the Cheerleading Competition and will be Honored and Showcased at the College Football Championship Game......but Jewell worked very hard and although she lost she still feels she is the "Better Cheerleader" and should have won.......she feels Candle plays the Sorority "Popularity Contest" which is the only reason why she won.......but Jewell also knows if Candle doesn't show up for the Ceremony at the Championship game she will forfeit her Crown and Title........so Jewell makes sure Candle will not be showing up to take her Crown and Title.......and furthermore Jewell wants to enjoy the same opportunity of tightly binding and Pantygagging Candle to toe-tally Humiliate her by forcing her to smell her stinky feet as well as sitting on her pretty gagged face to extract her Revenge in.........Battling Cheerleaders!

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