Khloe is a Toetied, Sockgagged, Babysitter!

Release Date: Aug.02.2019
Running Time: 0:12:40
Category: Models Custom Streaming

Starring: Khloe Quorbin
Khloe tells her Girlfriend she would love to go out with the Girls tonight but unfortunately she is Stuck Babysitting the same Brats she babysat before.....resigning herself to a Boring night Khloe goes into the kitchen to sneak herself a Drink of Vodka thinking she was all alone......suddenly she hears giggling behind her and realizes she is being Video'd on the Brats phone! Khloe yells "What are you doing, your supposed to be in bed!"......she then exclaims.......Oh No, No, we are NOT playing that game again....she pauses and exclaims again, NO, you are NOT Tying me Up again, last time I was Bound and Gagged for 3 hours! Again Khloe exclaims you are NOT TYING ME UP AGAIN........again she begs to not show the Video of her stealing the Vodka, she will do anything..... Next thing Khloe Knows she is tightly Hogtied on the Floor, tied up yet once again! She screams to be let loose, the game is over, they had their thrill of catching her sneaking Vodka she wasn't supposed to have.............suddenly Khloe feels her Converse Tennis shoes being removed.......scared and angry all at the same time she screams out "What are you doing?"..........Why are you removing my shoes???? Khloe has a pretty good idea of why her shoes are being removed and while screaming for it to stop suddenly her thick, very sweaty and stinky white sock she wore to work all day that day is packed into her Bitching mouth........it is then quickly taped in tightly with 2" black electrical tape............Khloe is furiously gagbitching and squirming but she is tied up and hogtied tight and there isn't anything she can do about it. But it doesn't stop there..........after being Sweaty sockgagged and tightly taped Khloe feels her big toes being tied together tightly with thin cotton cord that then gets incorporated into her hogtie rope...........now she can't even wiggle her toes! Khloe is FURIOUS and she gagbitches, squirms, wiggles and wriggles but she is exactly where she didn't want to be..........Tightly Bound, Hogtied, Toe-tied, Sweaty Sockgagged and FURIOUS in: BLACKMAILED BABYSITTER!

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