Khloe Quorbin is an Un-Co-Operative Captive!

Release Date: Aug.02.2019
Running Time: 0:21:47
Category: Models Custom Streaming

Starring: Khloe Quorbin
Khloe sits on her Sofa looking reserved as the Private Detective assigned to her case asks her questions.....Khloe was just Robbed and left Tightly Bound up and Gagged with her own Sweaty sock with her Big Toes tied together........a Method of Operation that is very familiar to this Detective who now has 4 cases of the same thing in the general vicinity. The Detective tells Khloe he has the report from the Responding Officers but needs more details in order to make and confirm a Profile he is building on her assailant. There is a pattern where the Thief ties the women up with a lot of rope then threatens to Gag them with their own Sweaty Socks out of their hamper if they don't co-operate........Which Khloe refused to do......not only was Khloe sockgagged with her own sock but the Thief also went out of his way to tie her big toes together which didn't seem necessary in order to keep Khloe from being able to escape or call the Police........at this Point the Detective makes note of this and points it out to Khloe telling her that he believe Robbery may be a secondary motive, in fact this may be more of a Sex Crime as the perverse things the Thief is doing just don't make sense any other way. Khloe tells the Detective that while she did Co-Operate to some degree with the Thief she still wasn't very Co-Operative with him, didn't tell him anything he wanted to know and remained defiant figuring she was going to be gagged with her own sweaty sock anyway. She didn't expect to be so heavily bound up or have her big toes tied and it was completely impossible for her to escape on her own, it wasn't until her Roommate come home the next morning and found her still bound and gagged did she get free.................in this case of being....An Un-Co-Operative Captive!

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