Lilian Hogtied & Gagged by a Jilted Co Worker!

Release Date: Oct.01.2019
Running Time: 0:18:46
Category: Models Custom Streaming

Starring: Lilian Stone
Lilian listens carefully as the Detective assigned to her case asks her questions and explains to her how is using the information she provides to process charges against the Man who forcibly bound her up, gagged her, and proceeded as if they were on a date together. Lilian says she want's the Maximum charges he can levy against him as it was a very humiliating experience and she wants to see him punished. After the Detective finishes reading the Police Report to her Lilian confirms everything in the report.......she then goes on to tell the Detective in her own words what happened, how it happened.... The Man who tied her up, gagged her, groped her boobies, cracked her ass, tickled her feet, manhandled her, forcibly crotchroped her, Verbally taunted and humiliated her was in fact a Co-Worker where she works. He has asked her out off and on for the past 3 years, never taking no for an answer. They work closely together on projects at work and Lilian wanted to keep it as civil as possible. She did report him to her Boss but she never wanted him to get fired......a month ago she told her Boss about the recent behavior from him and he got written up over it.........she thought by finished a work project at her home she would reason with him after they finished work and not only smooth things over but get the whole thing to come to an end once and for all. Unfortunately her Co Worker saw the opportunity of them working together as the Perfect chance for him to show her, once and for all, what she has been saying No to all this time.........in his de-ranged way of thinking he is convinced that Gorgeous Lilian has to have a Kinky Side to her..........after all, she wears Sexy, Sleek, Shiny Platino Pantyhose to work every day...........and he is obsessed with Pantyhose on women........so of course she must "get it" and be kinky just like him right? The Co-Worker has also convinced himself that if Lilian would just give him a chance.......one chance........he would have a chance to prove to her how much she would enjoy being with him, how much fun she would have and finally realize what she has been saying No to all this time. The Co-Worker is convinced that Lilian has the same Kink in her he does.........that, if she experienced what it would be like to be tightly bound, triple gagged, hogtied, forcibly crothroped, ass cracked, verbally humiliated and forced to smell her own stinky shoes, she would enjoy herself like she has never done before, get turned on like she has never been turned on, and realize what she has been saying no to all this time and be grateful to the Co Worker for forcing her to see what she has been denying herself............in............Jilted Co-Workers!

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