Lilian Stone: STALKED Bound, Gagged & Humiliated!

Release Date: Oct.01.2019
Running Time: 0:16:22
Category: Models Custom Streaming

Starring: Lilian Stone
Lilian has been Stalked by the same guy for over 3 years now........it started off slowly and got progressively worse as time went on. She kept hoping that at some point her Stalker would tire, get bored, move on but he never did. Lilian has a Corporate Job and wears Sexy Platino Pantyhose to work everyday......she didn't know her Stalker had an obsession with Beautiful Women with Big Boobs who wore Pantyhose every day......which is why his fixation with her never wavered. Lilian goes on to tell the Detective assigned to her case that she has always been vigilant and cautious.......but in recent Months she has not seen him around, she let the Restraining Order lapse and finally thought it was over.......then one day she accidentally left her Back Sliding Glass door open and he made his move! Before Lilian could process what was happening she found herself in the Clutches of her Stalker in the Middle of her own home no less getting her wrists bound tightly with 2" Wide electrical tape. He wasted no time tightly taping her up telling her he had fantisized about this moment for years.......and now here it was, Lilian was still wearing the sexy Platino Pantyhose she wore to work all week long and he finally had her in his clutches, tightly bound up........he was about to show Lilian and Prove to her that once she experienced a night of being tightly bound up, massively gagged and squirming against a snug knotted crotchrope she would fall in love with him and they would be the happiest kinky couple out there. Once Lilian's Stalker had her tightly taped up with electrical tape, mouth packed, wrapped with the same 2" wide electrical tape with Elastikon over that and a tight, white OTM gag he forcibly Crotchroped her, pulled out her HUGE GG Boobies, groped them while verbally teasing, taunting and humiliating her he cracked her pantyhose clad ass, took some pictures and left her to "Stew and Squirm" while he made Dinner and Movie Reservations for later than night. Lilian gagbitched, squirmed and fought her bondage wriggling around her house looking for something to cut the tape before he returned.........she suddenly remembered her cell phone was in the living room and slowly but surely squirmed back into the living room and doing her best tried to use her nose to enter her password........frustrated and grunting unable to do so she then tried using her Very Cute, Platino Pantyhose clad feet to dial in her password all the while squirming, gagbitching and frustrated in...............STALKED!

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