DW-57 Bound For Vengeance!

Release Date: Sep.25.2013
Running Time: 1:08:46
Category: DW Series

Starring: Catherine DeSade, Crystal Frost, Sarah Jane Carlson, Maxine Angelit, and Kobe Lee

We have all been there before.........where you come across a Co-Worker, an Employee of a Company or a Snotty Waitress.......An Ex-Girlfriend or Wife............where their Snippy, Snitty, Snotty Attitude and, or, Condescending Mannner just requires them to have a good binding and gagging for a very long time to teach them a lesson once and for all. Of course these types of girls aren't going to take this lying down but that is what makes it so much fun and pleasurable to see them very tightly trussed up and getting their smart ass mouth packed and wrapped up good and tight, then to be laughed at, humiliated, and left extremely frustrated because finally and for once they are knot only knot getting their way but they are getting what they deserve.

A whopping 106 minutes long DW-57 is a lot of intense action, bondage, gaggage, and extreme frustration for the buck....giving you all those elements you want, tight bondage, lots of rope, full, mouth packing gags wrapped tight, pantyhose, bare feet, soles, and of course bound and gagged temper tantrums over being completely helpless and Toe-tally Fucked as they should be.

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