Nicole Undercover Investigator Toe-tally Fucked

Release Date: Apr.10.2017
Running Time: 0:31:57
Category: Models Custom Streaming

Starring: Nicole Oring
Nicole comes home from work as an undercover investigator no different than any other day........being undercover she dresses up like a college girl that no one would suspect anything different.........she walks upstairs into her kitchen and gets some water and is suddenly grabbed from behind. Its the man she has been on the hunt for and is close to busting for kidnapping girls and shipping them off to the Middle East...............he tightly handgags Nicole and drags her fighting him into her living room where he binds her wrists and ankles.......he puts a simple strip of 4" wide electrical tape over her bitching mouth and leaves to get his bag of tricks out of his car. Nicole is highly energetic, fit and resourceful........she immediately starts knee hopping across the living room to a table where her phone is........she manages to get her face close to the phone and tries to reach around to dial........as she starts gagtalking she is suddenly grabbed from behind and dragged away from her phone........the man binds her upper body with a lot of rope then takes off the singe simple tape gag...........Nicole immediately starts yelling at the man telling him she will put him away for LIFE! She tells him she knows he is into binding and gagging women and selling them off to clients in the Middle East and if he thinks he is going to keep her quiet and under control he had better gag her a lot better than that! The man laughs and handgags Nicole tightly as she fights him and packs a pair of her panties into her mouth he grabbed when he came back from his car......he then wraps duct tape tightly around and around and around her head and you can hear Nicole getting more and more muffled up with each wrap......he then duct tapes her chin and Nicole can barely make a sound. He then puts Nicole on the floor and puts her into a tight hogtie........all the while Nicole is massively gagbitching and squirming.......he cracks her ass and laughs as he takes off her shoes and ties her big toes together.............he then ties above her knees and tells Nicole he is off to make some phone calls, he plans on selling her for $1 Million as she is Hot, Feisty and an Undercover Agent who will fetch top $$$.......but not to worry he tells her, she will be paid $100,000 a year in exchange for being bound and gagged 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.......Nicole is furious and squirms and wriggles nonstop as the man laughs some more while taking pictures of her bound and gagged to show his client. He returns with a roll of duct tape and hogtapes Nicole wrapping the duct tape around her pretty, already massively gagged mouth and face to her feet, wrapping her feet and back to her face putting her into an ultra strict hogwrap. Nicole is even angrier and more defiant although she can barely move..........she wiggles, wriggles, gagbitches and squirms best she can but she is toe-tally and Utterly Fucked.

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