Kinky Lilian in: Bondage Games Gone Wrong!

Release Date: Jan.24.2020
Running Time: 0:27:7
Category: Models Custom Streaming

Starring: Lilian Stone
Busty Lilian writhes and sensually squirms on her sofa wearing sexy lingerie, bound, gagged and blindfolded by her Lover......as she writhes you hear him tell her to "enjoy yourself today" and when I get home we will have some Hot Sex after you stewing bound and gagged all day. Lilian Mmpphss in agreement, he leaves and she writhes and enjoys the feeling of her bonds and drifts off to sleep. While Lilian is sleeping an intruder finds the back sliding glass open, slips into her house and is shocked to find Lilian on the sofa Bound and gagged! The intruder thinks he knows what is happening here so without saying a word he gently awakes Lilian who thinks its her parter who has returned home. The intruder stands Lilian up and removes her Gag......she whispers sexy things to him as he prepares to cut her white full back panties off.......Lilian likes this little game within the game and smiles as he cuts her panties off, hikes them up inside of her which turns her on and she calls the intruder "a Tease".......the intruder continues sliding Lilians cut full backs through her pussy lips and teasing her clit with the sensation then forces her to smell them and pulls them tightly through her teeth.......he gropes her, still saying nothing, and Lilian continues to moan and play along with him thinking it is her Lover. The intruder finally wads up the thick white full backs and CRAMS them into Lilians Big Mouth........she accepts the huge wad that then gets tightly wrapped in........now Lilian is completely and effectively muffled up.........the intruder gropes her HUGE Boobies some more then slowly removes her blindfold......Lilian looks around as she gets used to seeing.......the intruder ducks behind her then suddenly Pops up and Lilian is shocked and startled as she see's a STRANGER! She tries to pull away and MMMPPPHHHSS but she is heavily bound up and gagged and there isn't anything she can do about it. The intruder is having a good time playing with Lilian.....she is gorgeous, has huge boobies and is bound and gagged.......he adds a crotchrope then puts Lilian down on the floor and ties her into a tight hogtie.......he cracks her ass, gropes her boobies, then takes some photos with his phone so he can re-live this moment again and again........finally he leaves Lilian tightly hogtied and massively gagged squirming on the floor frustrated and angry. Finally we hear the front door open as Lilian squirms and her Lover has returned.......but he is shocked and confused as to how Lilian got Hogtied and her knotted cleave gag got replaced by her panties stuffed and wrapped into her mouth! He asks Lilian question after question and she tries hard to respond but rolls her eyes in frustration as she is obviously very well gagged......her Lover asks her if she wants him to leave her there and she angrily grunts NO......he tells Lilian he is going to need some scissors to cut her out of all that as she rolls her eyes, grunts and Mmmpphhhs inpatiently in..................BONDAGE GAMES GONE WRONG!

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