DW-55 Footbound & Furious!!

Release Date: Jun.03.2013
Running Time: 1:29:55
Category: DW Series

Starring: Samantha Blake, Marissa Ritchie, Michelle Cortez, Serene Isley, Elizabeth Andrews, and April Cordero
This video has some of the prettiest girls tightly bound and gagged yet.....knot to mention most scenes have them wearing sexy pantyhose and all of the scenes have our helplessly squirming ladies with the cute soles of their feet tightly tied with a very thin cotton cord that knots well, doesn't slip, and stays in their slickery, sweaty, pantyhose clad feet as it should. This video has a variety of set up scenes to give you what you have come to expect......a nice lead in story followed up with the usual conflict with our cute girls ending up very tightly bound up, their mouths fully packed and wrapped tight, all the while fighting, fighting me, fighting their tight bondage, fighting their gags, flexing their soles feeling their helplessness from their gagged mouth to their soles leaving them...............FOOTBOUND AND FURIOUS!!

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