Doctor Lilian Stone in Psychiatric Revenge!

Release Date: Oct.07.2019
Running Time: 0:29:11
Category: Models Custom Streaming

Starring: Lilian Stone
Doctor Stone listens carefully as the Detective on the Phone explains to her that one of her Patients has escaped the Mental Institution.......the Police are concerned that he may come for her to exact his revenge on her for putting him away. Doctor Stone remains cool and calm as she always does and pulls his file out to read to the Detective.....he is a Bondage Obsessed Sex Addict whom hasn't every hurt anyone, he just needs treatment for his compulsive obsession.........The Detective Offers Dr. Stone Police Protection until he is located and caught but Doctor Stone is confident she will be fine and politely yet firmly declines his offer. Later that day Doctor Stone returns home to relax, takes off her shoes and goes to her kitchen to get some cold Water..........she is suddenly grabbed from behind and before she knows it she is "waking up" on her living room floor.........tightly bound up with lots of hemp rope and her mouth plugged with a head harness ballgag forcing a 2" ball deep into her mouth..........as she comes to she soon realizes what is going on.......it happened.......The Goon she put away that escaped came back to exact his revenge on her just as the Detective had warned her......now here she was, tightly bound and gagged in her own home with no one aware of what is going on........Doctor Stone starts squirming to test her bonds but they are tight......she tries to talk through the gag but it is also tight and deep into her mouth plugging her mouth up perfectly.......her Ex-Patient knows how to bind and gag a woman and now Doctor Stone is experiencing his experience first hand. The Deranged Goon soon appears and gloats at the sight of seeing Gorgeous Doctor Stone heavily bound up, gagged, frustrated and squirming......he greets her with a crack on the ass and groping her boobies, handgagging her and mocking her as she fights him best she can squirming and Mmmpphhhing. The Deranged Man forces Doctor Stone to stand as he heavily gropes her huge boobies while handgagging her, cracking her ass and playing with her........Doctor Stone can only react with muffled up grunts, gagtalk and squirming......The Goon pulls her pantyhose down to expose her thick white full back panties where he wedges them up deep inside of her while groping her boobies, handgagging her and cracking her ass.........he then cuts her Fullback panties off of her and forces her to smell them, nice and sweaty, well worn all day at the office under a pair of Sexy Platino Pantyhose that juiced them up perfectly........he then ties them between her legs as a Crotchpanty, forcing them inside of her so every time she squirms and wriggles she feels the panties.......this further frustrates Doctor Stone as she struggles hard not to get turned on by all the activity and stimulation. She is now the Deranged Goons playtoy and he continues to play with her with lots of handgagging, booby groping and ass cracking.......the Goon finally puts Doctor Stone down on the floor where he puts her into a tight hogtie then takes a thin rope and ties her harness ballgag off to her feet forcing her head back and the ball deep inside her Big Mouth further frustrating her. He gropes her boobies, cracks her ass and takes some photos for fun Memory sake and then leaves Doctor Stone heavily bound up, tightly hogtied, tightly gagged, extremely frustrated and turned on all at the same time squirming and gagbitching on her living room floor angry at herself that she didn't take the Detective and Police offer for protection against..............PSYCHIATRIC REVENGE!

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