DW-47 Blackmailed Into Being Bound and Gagged!

Release Date: Oct.08.2012
Running Time: 1:27:1
Category: DW Series

Starring: Melissa Lynn, Sofia Fontane, Theleah Irving, Jess LaBelle, April Myers
This is a follow up to Blackmailed Beauties where a girl does something she should not have done, gets caught, and ends up getting blackmailed by the person who caught her......forced into making a tough choice.......allow herself to be tightly bound and gagged as a means of punishment or for their amusement for as long as they wish or they will rat her out......these girls have been cheating on their boyfriends, husbands, their employer, and even caught drinking on the job by the kids they were babysitting. Long, informative, yet "moving" set up scenes with lots of storytelling dialogue makes this video unique, interesting, with more dimensions as you get to hear the girls talk and express themselves before getting bound and gagged........a feature that has proven to be very popular with the Co-Operative Captives theme as well. This video is a whopping 87 minutes long and you will see these girls getting their mouths very well gagged, packed, taped, wrapped, tightly all in close up on camera as you have come to expect.

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