DW-49 Gagtalking Bound Babes!

Release Date: Oct.08.2012
Running Time: 1:09:52
Category: DW Series

Starring: Eliza Anderson, Sachna Chaudrey, Alexis Taylor, Tammy Kurke, Devin DeMoore, Jane Fujisaki

No doubt you all love seeing your girls dressed up really cute, tied up really tight, and very effectively gagged.....but once you have them that way the real show is watching them get fuming mad, squirming, and pitching a royal Snit Fit over it, stomping their feet and Gagtalking up a storm trying to convey just how unhappy they are about knot being able to barely move, be heard, get their way.........in a variety of settings and stories you will get to see and hear just that in this video with some of the Best Gagtalkers of them all.......another fast paced, action packed video with cute girls so Knot getting their way.

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