DW-52 Defiance II

Release Date: Oct.08.2012
Running Time: 1:18:20
Category: DW Series

Starring: Jennifer Lee, Maria Ortega, Marie Valentine, Melissa Lynn, Mercedes Delane, Samantha Milan
Its all about being defiant.....angry.....uncooperative, bitchy.......in some scenes the girls are grabbed when they walk in the door, or already tied up but not gagged yet, or in Melissa Lynns case they are very tightly bound, gagged, and in the process of making a phone call gagtalking desperately into the phone trying to say the address where they are being held bound and gagged and in all cases their captor grabs them, returns, catches them, and that's when the conflict really begins.......the girls are interrogated, questioned, and in all cases they essentially tell their captor to get screwed, or they refuse to co-operate, or "find it yourself", "I would rather be bound and gagged than co-operate with a scumbag like you"........in all cases our snitty, bitchy defiant captives get their mouths packed, or repacked, taped, and wrapped as they fight, glare, gagtalk, squirm, and are left totally screwed, tightly bound, gagged and still fuming and............DEFIANT!!

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