DW-53 I "Bet You" I Can Get Out!

Release Date: Oct.08.2012
Running Time: 1:39:7
Category: DW Series

Starring: Candle, Melissa Lynn, Miya Chang, Morgan Baca, Pandora Jones, Sydney Blake
This is a follow up video to DW-16 "The Bet" where are girls are either watching television where they see another girl bound and gagged and supposedly "unable" to escape and they make some snide comment on how they could "easily get out of that" to a friend, boyfriend, etc., who in turn looks at the poor girl tied up on TV and "Bets" her that she could not get out of that........our overly confident gal often retorts she could not only get out of that but could get out of a lot MORE than that.......and the bet is on............Or, in some cases she is told about a friend who got robbed the night before and spent the entire night bound and gagged...........she laughs and says if that ever happened to her she could get out of that, matter of fact she could get out of anything.........and once again "The Bet" is on........and each time each girl gets very tightly tied up, way more than she thought she was going to be, but she remains confident, and she also gets very well gagged but it doesn't take long after that when she realizes she may have been a little too cocky and confident and before she knows it she is fighting her bondage hard, squirming, wiggling, gagtalking, and fuming mad over not only the fact that she is going to lose the bet and not get the easy money she was counting on, but she is also humiliated because she lost and realizes she is going to have to stay tightly bound and gagged for some time.

A whopping 98 Minutes with lots of interesting, fun set ups and the usual tight bondage and gags DW-53 is a great value for the money.

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