Chrissy Marie Nude Hogtied & Sockgagged Squirming!

Release Date: Jul.30.2019
Running Time: 0:15:13
Category: Models Custom Streaming

Starring: Chrissy Marie
The Goon has Chrissy Nude and in her living room finishing tying her up and tells her knot to worry, she has insurance and it will all be fine, as soon as her claim is paid she gets to go "Shopping" and replace everything he is taking with all brand new stuff. Chrissy isn't amused as she listens to him banter incessently.........the Goon then produces a well worn sock he snagged from Chrissy's dirty hamper and she looks at it with disgust knowing full well its about to get packed into her mouth..........which it does as she twists and writhes under his firm grip, already heavily bound up.......the Goon then takes a roll of duct tape and wraps it tightly around Chrissy's pretty face effectively gagging her........but he isn't done........he puts Chrissy on the floor and while cracking her ass and mocking her he puts her into a tight hogtie........Chrissy squirms and grunts in frustration and finally the Goon leaves her............then the real fight begins as Chrissy shimmies, inchworms, wriggles and squirms on her tummy, sides and back only able to move a few inches at a time but that doesn't stop her from squirming from the living room, down a hallway, into the kitchen where she desperately tries to find something to cut her free only to get frustrated and squirm through the dining room and into the living room again in hopes of finding her phone..............all the while sweating, squirming, grunting and gagbitching showing off her beautiful body in Nude Escape Attempts.

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Very good story well made