Nicole Demands to be GAGGED! Co-Operative Captive!

Release Date: Jun.30.2017
Running Time: 0:20:0
Category: Models Custom Streaming

Starring: Nicole Oring
Nicole invites her Ex-husband over to "discuss business".......she heard he got a promotion and raise at work and wants an extra $1,000 a month in alimony......when asked why and how she justfies it Nicole quips, because you know I like to shop a lot, I want to take more vacations and simply live easier and better". Nicoles Ex finds her crass honestly simply amazing and informs her that her demands don't warrant he fork over an extra $1,000 a month simply because she "wants it" and wants to live better. Nicole says she will fight him in court for it if he doesn't "give her what she wants". Her Ex says.......He will give her what she "deserves" and having said that pulls Nicole off the sofa, pulls her arms tightly behind her back, tightly hand gags her and informs her she is about to get what she "truly deserves". Nicole squirms and fights hard best she can but his grip is tight and she is small........she MMMMPPPPHHHHSSS and fights under his tight grip as he occaisonally lets her speak and she is FURIOUS!!! He laughs and taunt Nicole as she squirms and MMMMPPPHHHSSS non stop then marches her off........ We fade in on a furious Nicole tied up tight........she threatens to Sue, take him to court, all of it but he just laughs at her as he clamps his hand tightly over her pretty face and mouth and tells her she is about to be massively gagged and left tightly bound and gagged all night and there isn't a damn thing she can do about it. This sets the short fused, hot tempered Nicole off into another MMMPPHHHING wide eyed, angry/frustrated tirade which only gets her laughed at even more.........her mouth gets a 2" ball crammed into it then tightly taped in with a pair of her well worn full backs tightly tied over all of it as an OTM gag further muffling her up and frustrating her even more! He laughs as Nicole twists and turns, Gagbitching furiously at him NON STOP as he gets a drink of water and mocks her.........he then proceeds to unbutton her blouse and pull out her boobies, Nicoles nipples rock hard and protruding as she loves it/hates it and continues to gag bitch at him. He laughs at her some more then throws her down on the floor and puts her into a tight hogtie..........all the while cracking her ass, laughing at her while she squirms, FURIOUS and gag-bitching at him non-stop.......but it doesn't stop there, he then flips Nicole over and tells her he will be a "nice guy" and leave her with a knotted crotchrope that will give her "something to do and think about" after he leaves..........again Nicole is FURIOUS and fights him best she can but she is tied up tight, completely muffled up and the more she gagbitches and squirms the more helpless she realizes she is and the more frustrated and angry she becomes. A few more laughs and cracks on the ass and the Ex Husband tells her he has to get back to work, "the check will be in the mail" if Nicole can somehow get unbound and ungagged to get to it. Nicole MMmmmpppphhhhs furiously as he laughs and leaves her toe-tally screwed........but she doesn't let that stop her nor slow her down and squirms, wriggles and wiggles non-stop trying to keep her stinky pumps out of her face as she rolls back and forth making some of the most frustrated, angriest gag bitching faces I have ever seen that is bound to please......

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