Nicole is a Blackmailed Bound & Gagged Babysitter!

Release Date: Jun.30.2017
Running Time: 0:05:35
Category: Models Custom Streaming

Starring: Nicole Oring
Nicole says goodbye to the man she just had sex with at the door, her back turned as she tries to "sneak him out the door" w/out anyone noticing........not only is the man Married but she is babysitting and sneaking around........as Nicole slips back into her bedroom she is shocked when she turns around and "Troy" is standing there with his phone smiling "coyly"........she asks him is he say or heard anything she just did........the phone nods its head up and down saying yes.......then Nicole hesitates and says..........What? Are you freaking Kidding me? Your going to tell on me unless I let you tie me Up?? Again? Nicole is angry over being blackmailed by the person she is supposed to be in charge of but Troy has it all on video and its all locked up on his phone........begrudgingly Nicole agrees then is shocked when she is asked to gag herself with her own well worn panties.........now angry she says "Fine, if this is how it must be whatever and she packs her mouth full with her panties then says "there, are you happy now"?? The phone nods "no".......next thing we know Nicole is tightly tied up topless sitting on the edge of the bed with her panties tied tightly into her now angry, frustrated gagbitching mouth.........she bitches and complains about being gagged with her panties and being tied up ultra tight but it does her no good.......Frustrated and Furious Nicole keeps bitching into her gag but soon finds herself on the floor tied in a tight sitting balltie with duct tape wrapped over her already pantygagged packed mouth..........she is now FURIOUS as she is almost completely nude, tightly tied up, gagged and re-gagged and now forced to look at her bound and gagged image in the mirror while she grunts, gagbitches, tries to threaten and curses at "Troy" for forcing her into being tightly bound, gagged and toe-tally helpless......Nicole is left alone to remain bound and gagged for the night and topples over on her side still looking at her bound and gagged self in the mirror while wiggling her sweaty feet and bitching as much as possible in her massive gag making extremely angry and frustrated facial expressions as she squirms non-stop using every muscle in her body only to remain tightly bound and gagged!

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