DW-54 Mummified and Muffled!!

Release Date: Apr.11.2013
Running Time: 1:43:32
Category: DW Series

Starring: Michelle Cortez, June Tanner, Rose Magdelane, Ava Zahir, Mercedes Delane, and Courtney Robinson
DW-54 is technically another mummification video but this one is different from DW-10 and DW-20 in the sense that a lot more time and work has gone into creating short stories within each scene.......June Tanner's scene is 18 minutes, Rose Magdelane is 20 and Ava Zahir is 25........you will see a lot of variety with some wrapping and of course you will always see the girls getting their smart ass mouths fully packed, and sometimes taped and always wrapped tight. Some of your favorite girls are totally screwed, mummified and gagged in this video such as.........Hollywood Socialite Model Mercedes Delane, real life Stewardess Courtney Robinson, Beautiful Egyptian Beauty who is truly and totally into bondage and mummification Ava Zahir, and new addition, Painter/Artist Rose Magdelane as well as two new cute local girls who just simply wanted to be totally screwed, June Tanner and Michelle Cortez. DW-54 is a great value being a whopping 102 minutes long and of course has your girls just as you like them.......tightly wrapped up from ankles to shoulders, mouth fully packed and wrapped tight, fighting their bondage best they can.

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Great work! Love the defiant damsel in distress theme. I would've also loved to see a little more 'skin' featuring the ladies in their bra and panties before getting mummified.