Wicked Spirits Bind And Gag Innocent Girls

Release Date: Oct.14.2019
Running Time: 0:48:8
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Mackenzie Mace, Gia Gelato

Mackenzie Mace decided to turn in after her girlfriend Gia Gelato called to say she'd be working very late at the office. Mackenzie slept for a few hours, then was awakened by an alarming sound unlike anything she'd ever heard. Frozen on the bed, Mackenzie felt her nightie-clad body suddenly confined by rope and her mouth invaded by a knotted white cloth -- she'd been mastered by an invisible presence! Her strange plight filled the bound and gagged girl with anxiety, an emotion that grew stronger as struggling failed to loosen her bonds. Following another eerie sonic outburst, Mackenzie's breasts were bared and she was hitched to the bed's headboard, where she strained frantically on her knees.

Gia wearily returned to her dreary assignment after calling Mackenzie, until her labors were interrupted by a piercing noise that immobilized her body. Elevated from her chair onto the desk, Gia sat coiled in rope with her long legs hanging over the edge, her lips spread by a knotted black gag. The baffled secretary strained cautiously and wondered if her inexplicable captivity was the prelude to a burglary. No thieves appeared, but her shoes disappeared and her blouse opened to reveal rope- framed breasts, then Gia's legs were folded by a connection between her upper body and ankles. As she sat with her back against the wall, Gia kicked up her bare feet until her bondage mysteriously vanished.

Gia rushed home to tell her incredible tale, only to have Mackenzie respond with her own amazing story. The mystified girlfriends shared their shocking experiences until they both trembled at a disturbingly familiar high-pitched sound. Conversation gave way to tape-gag-stifled mumbling as they sat back-to-back on the bed, their bodies rigid in ropework; Gia's office-wear had given way to bra and panties, while Mackenzie's nighty had vanished, leaving her in panties alone. When their bodies were finally granted the power to battle bondage, Mackenzie and Gia plucked at each other's wrist-ropes but received more decisive restraint before they could succeed. Both hogtied subjects of this inexplicable force expended substantial energy while rolling around on the bed but had resigned themselves to captivity -- until they were once again instantaneously devoid of rope!

When their bodies were miraculously liberated from hogties, Mackenzie and Gia jumped off the bed and ran, hoping they could somehow escape the power that had played with their bodies and minds. But their journey ended when they confronted the bed that defied reality by reappearing before them! Pinned motionless against its headboard, they morphed into side-by- side captivity that left them standing naked, trussed and ball- gagged! Although Gia and Mackenzie twisted and strained continuously against the ropes tethering them to the headboard, they remained powerless; the only alteration to their disturbing condition occurred when crotch-ropes appeared between their legs.

Their restraints had vanished once more but the dazed friends would soon discover the disturbing entity's playful aspect. No longer nude, they were dressed in outfits they'd never seen before: Mackenzie wore a black sweater and short skirt; Gia a bright and colorful striped top and a flowing white skirt. Tied and tape-gagged, they sat struggling next to each other in wooden chairs -- until the chairs instantly turned them face-to-face. Because their ankles were hitched to the chair-legs, Gia and Mackenzie were only capable of making minimal barefoot contact and even that ended in a flash when the chairs turned back-to-back. There the weary puppets of a playful master rested their heads back against each other and waited for the ropes to disappear again -- but how long would their freedom last?

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