Dana Wolf: Possessed By Bondage

Release Date: Oct.14.2019
Running Time: 0:44:53
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Dana Wolf

Dana Wolf had been assigned to check out a property suddenly abandoned by the homeowner, so she was mystified to find an outwardly pleasant home. The reason for its desertion began to unfold when Dana sat back on a couch and was suddenly possessed by a spirit who froze her limbs! The pretty young realtor's possession took the earthly form of tight ropes knotted around her body and a cloth between her lips that muffled her voice. When her energy returned, Dana struggled zealously against her bondage, even slipping off her heels to grasp her phone with bare toes in a desperate attempt to contact rescuers. But the malevolent being reached out to affirm her submission; Dana would be released only when the spirit deigned to grant it.

Suddenly Dana was relieved of her clothing and transported to a chair, where she sat bound in very snug black bra and panties, her torso and ankles both hitched to the chair's wooden frame. Only her eyes were mobile at first, flashing back and forth nervously above a duct-tape gag until Dana's body was allowed to energetically engage her ropework. After her breasts were exposed by the licentious spirit, those dark eyes narrowed angrily and Dana struggled even harder but with a pathetic futility that delighted her possessor.

"How did I wind up on this table?" wondered the bewildered Dana. She noticed that her bra had disappeared, that she was tied hand and foot, that her lips were once again sealed with tape. A rope-link between Dana's waist and ankles made it impossible to straighten her legs, yet the possessed girl felt impelled to test her bonds by kicking up her bare feet. Then, in an instant, Dana lay face-down on the table, her ankles now linked to her wrists; hogtied and nearly naked, she arched gamely and questioned where this strange journey would take her next.

The answer arrived when Dana stood with her naked body coiled in rope and supported by an overhead connection. For the first time, she experienced the rubbery taste and pressure of a ball-gag as she twisted carefully on her bare feet. Her bondage dance ended when Dana's long legs were folded by a waist-ankle tether that left her curled up on the floor, barely able to move except for frustrated undulations that her spirit controller appreciated.

Dana's long lithe body was impressively displayed after she was confined in a bedroom; stretched out diagonally on the bed with her wrists and ankles tied to the bedposts, she writhed on her back and murmured submissively behind her tape-gag. Her otherworldly host apparently desired a more eye- catching revelation of Dana's nudity, so adjustments occurred that spread her legs wide to the bedposts. This symmetrical position elicited contortions that ended only when Dana was as suddenly and surprisingly freed from possession as she'd been drawn into it.

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