Unlucky Secretaries Chosen For Bondage

Release Date: Jun.17.2019
Running Time: 0:49:42
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Gianna Dior, Mackenzie Moss, Candy White, Nia Nacci, Lauren Phillips

Her little black jacket and white blouse corresponded with Candy White's reputation as a shy young secretary but the short red skirt and bright red pumps indicated that there might be a more daring side to Candy. Psychological details really didn't matter to the hooded intruder who was responsible for the ropes and duct- tape that secured the bound and gagged blonde in her chair as he ransacked the office. Trying to avoid the thief's attention, Candy tested her bondage cautiously but her wide-eyed innocence attracted a callous inspection that left her bare-breasted; Candy's stockinged feet tapped against the floor after he stole her red heels on his way out the door.

When Mackenzie Moss checked her voicemail she heard an alarming message from Candy, who believed that someone was trying to break into her office. Mackenzie tried to call her back but received no response for the understandable reason that Candy was already bound and gagged! While she considered her next move, the mobile thief responsible for her friend's plight trapped Mackenzie in her kitchen, where she soon sat tied up on the floor in her blouse and skirt with a knotted white cloth tied between her lips. Taut ropework held the slender girl firmly in its grasp and prevented anything more than mumbled protests after her blouse was opened to reveal slight but perky breasts. Mackenzie slipped out of her heels and wriggled barefoot along the hardwood floor but remained in bondage long after the intruder left to find his next target.

The next object of his devious scheme was hard at work not far way. Gianna Dior was also troubled by a voicemail from Candy but, like Mackenzie, had no idea she was also in jeopardy until a stranger appeared and the energetic brunette sat roped to her office-chair and gagged with a wide cloth tied over her mouth. Despite the rope web oppressing her bright red blouse, Gianna tested her restraint by turning to the computer keyboard where she'd been working and attempting to send a message for help. Unwilling to wait meekly for rescue, Gianna continued her resistance until she loosened the rope hitching her to the chair, then kicked off her heels. After hopping barefoot out of the office, Gianna managed to free her ankles, then ran around the yard in a desperate effort to escape!

A larcenous visitor introduced statuesque Lauren Philips to the frustrating embrace of rope tightened around her bright red blouse and answered her protests with strips of microfoam tape that sealed her lips. Seated on a wooden chair, Lauren twisted indignantly after her impressive breasts were bared and her high-heels removed. When she was lowered onto the floor, a tether that folded her legs left the voluptuous redhead curled up on her hip, before she rolled onto her side and struggled awkwardly while kicking up her stockinged feet.

Nia Nacci was aware of her neighbor's reputation as a kleptomaniac but she didn't give it much thought until an antique clock disappeared when he paid a visit. The next time he hosted a party, Nia decided to do some sleuthing so she slipped away and searched several rooms in his sprawling house. Although she had the satisfaction of discovering the clock hidden in a wooden chest, Nia quickly encountered the perils of amateur detective work. As she sat trussed-up and tape-gagged on the chest, the adventurous girl realized that the thief was much more sinister than she'd imagined. This insight was sharpened after she sat straining angrily on the floor, her bare feet held close to her thighs by a waist-ankle link and her substantial breasts exposed.

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