Detective Dreams

Release Date: Dec.10.2018
Running Time: 0:47:36
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Charity Crawford, Jaye Summers

Wake up, Charity Crawford, you have a visitor -- the kind of visitor who'll stuff cloth in your mouth and secure it in place with a strip of cloth. Also the kind of man who'll leave a sexy detective struggling in rope on her bed -- until he returns to do a manual examination of her perky breasts and a fingernail excursion of her wriggling bare soles! Then, while you squirm on your stomach in your little black dress and kick up your long, slender legs, he'll wait in hiding for your luscious partner Jaye Summers so he can grab her and unite you in bondage.

It's easy to see why detective partners Charity and Jaye attract plenty of clients, but the cleave-gagged pair doesn't look particularly formidable roped to wooden deck chairs outdoors on the patio. The evil intruder relishes the sight of their awkward straining against his ropework, then emphasizes their powerless plight by removing the heeled sandals from their bare feet. When Charity and Jaye display admirable ingenuity by using their toes to pluck at the ropes pinning down their hands and arms, he checkmates them by tying their ankles next to their wrists. This awkward position not only neutralizes the unhappy couple's mobility but reveals a pair of embarrassingly naked pussies.

Bare-skinned all over, the humiliated detectives sit tightly bound and facing each other in a large bathtub; although Jaye's tape-gagged, Charity's cleave presents an opportunity to her partner's nimble toes. Despite the hard, shining surface, Jaye's able to maneuver her body and raise her legs until she actually pulls the gag from Charity's mouth. Their audacity's rewarded with ropes linking their waists and ankles; frustratingly hobbled, both continue contesting the ropework until Jaye rolls onto her side.

Jaye and Charity's bondage partnership brings them even closer after they're moved back onto the bed where the eye-catching blonde first met her nemesis. Subdued with matching rope webs and gagged with knotted black cleaves, the naked detectives writhe against each other while seated next to the bed's headboard and quite accidentally press breasts together. Long tethers between their ankles and the ropes knotted behind their backs interfere with sensual exploration; instead Charity and Jaye struggle face-to-face on their sides. When Charity's contortions finally free her, she escapes and leaves her pretty friend still trapped and squealing indignantly.

With Charity long gone, Jaye remains in the clutches of a captor who at least permits her to clothe herself in tight top, distressed jeans and heeled sandals. But once she's tied up in a chair, he completes her subjugation with cloth-stuffing and an over-mouth gag. Desperate to escape, Jaye twists strenuously on the chair, then slips onto the floor where she remains in bondage, her alluring body dressed in black clothing and packaged in white rope. 

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