Lola's Bondage Dolly

Release Date: Jan.14.2019
Running Time: 0:47:22
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Dolly Leigh, Lola Pearl

Lying stretched out and tied down with a generous array of rope on a massage table, Lola Pearl's the definition of a damsel in distress. Lola's dressed only in a barely- there red teddy that's soon opened to display her breasts and panties that are pulled down to intensify her vulnerability. The long-legged brunette wages a vigorous but futile battle against her ropework and moans through a cleave-gag as she listens to the alarming explanation for her plight. The evil man has chosen Lola because of her athletic ability to become his servant; mentally altered, she'll be utilized as a cat- burglar to seize Dolly Leigh, an innocent student who's escaped his control.

Dolly's curled up on her bed, blissfully unaware of the menace looming nearby, when Lola suddenly appears and overpowers her. Once her prey is securely bound, the brainwashed beauty stuffs cloth in Dolly's mouth and gags her with duct- tape; although she's been ordered to deliver the helpless girl to her master, Lola can't resist toying with such an alluring plaything. First baring and caressing Dolly's breasts, the delighted cat- burglar then removes her socks so she can tickle and mouth the squirming girl's bare feet. After rolling Dolly onto her stomach, Lola continues to enjoy those soft feet before pulling down her panties so she can indulge in some playful pussy massage.

Lola's pleasure in subjecting Dolly to her desires isn't shared by the man who darkened her mind, so when he materializes she joins the student in bondage. Tied, tape-gagged and tethered to the bed's headboard, Dolly and Lola struggle side- by-side at the beginning of the punitive process; after the cat's mask is removed, they're repositioned on their stomachs by the cold-hearted man where they arch hopelessly in hogties.

When Dolly and Lola are moved to a new location, they're stripped naked and tied to wooden chairs in bleak surroundings; the ball-gags spreading their lips supply more evidence proving that the Dolly-obsessed man responds ruthlessly to any disobedient actions. He observes their pathetic contortions with cruel satisfaction before taking Dolly and leaving Lola to struggle by herself.

Naked and tape-gagged, Dolly's alone and entirely under the power-mad man's control as she sits apprehensively on a low platform in a dark and disturbing room. The little student remains defiant, however, so when she extends her legs and tries to stand up, he responds with a ropework addition that folds Dolly's legs into a partial ball- tie. Her toes also tied, Dolly lies apparently defeated on the platform; she's aware that there's now no chance of escape until...

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