Emma's Bondage Thesis

Release Date: Jan.14.2019
Running Time: 0:49:27
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Emma Starletto

Psych major Emma Starletto has a thesis requirement to complete, so her landlord suggests that she delve into a daring subject...like bondage. He also generously offers to assist in her research by tying her up so Emma's soon sitting roped-up on the couch where they'd been conversing; no more talking for the courageous student once her mentor stuffs cloth in her mouth and covers it with duct tape. After he leaves, Emma experiences bondage energetically by straining against the ropes and even standing up carefully. When the attentive landlord returns, he removes her shoes, then Emma writhes horizontally on the couch, lying facedown and kicking up her bare feet.

Completely naked after her dress disappears, Emma's still game to continue researching the physical and psychological effects of bound and gagged domination. Secured to a chair with her legs spread wide for stark pussy exposure, the nude blonde twists intensively after a white cleave's tied between her lips. Her position's altered when Emma's left leg is raised onto the chair and frogged in place, but the student's dedication to the project doesn't diminish.

The inventive landlord suggests tape bondage for Emma, who sits naked on her bed to gag herself before wrapping tape around her ankles and under her knees. Emma's wrists are taped behind her by the helpful man, who then watches her thrash about on the bed as she discovers that duct-tape is an even more frustrating restraint medium than rope.

Back to rope for the bare-skinned student, who stands tied and tape-gagged in the limited space of her shower-stall; Emma's enterprising enough to rise up on her bare toes despite the glass and tile surrounding her. After sliding to the floor, Emma sits back and presses her feet against the enclosure's glass door, which she's finally able to push open.

Emma's unconventional research continues when she's invited into her landlord's home, where she sits neatly tied and cleave-gagged on a couch. Still barefoot, Emma's dressed in a flowery crop-top and short denim shorts for her visit, which begins with committed struggling but ends awkwardly when the landlord's angry wife makes a noisy appearance! Aware that she's no longer welcome, the embarrassed student wriggles off the couch and squirms along the floor out the back door. 

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