Bondage Fool

Release Date: Feb.12.2017
Running Time: 0:48:24
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Charlotte Stokely, Sara Liz

What better way to win back your ex-girlfriend than to tie her up?

Sara Liz was checking the odds and ends that would be worth putting on display at an estate sale when she was surprised and bound by a man wearing a hoodie! Sara was unconcerned despite her bondage because she immediately identified the poorly disguised figure as Melvin, her friend Charlotte Stokely's ex-boyfriend. Angered by Sara's easy penetration of his disguise, the slow-witted fellow yanked off her socks and stuffed them in her mouth; several strips of duct tape completed her gag! After Melvin went to prepare for Charlotte's arrival, a more apprehensive Sara strained against her bonds on the couch where he'd left her, rolling onto her stomach and kicking up her bare feet. 

Melvin's dubious plan went into high gear once Charlotte appeared; he reasoned that if his beautiful blonde experienced the anxiety of bondage at the hands of a menacing stranger, she'd be more likely to take him back! The questionable validity of his scheme, however, was swiftly undermined by the fact that Charlotte also recognized him, but Melvin refused to accept defeat. Instead, the annoyed object of his affection was roped to a chair in her tight pink top and black leggings; seated next to her was an even more indignant and naked Sara! Both were tape-gagged and when Charlotte kicked out at Melvin, he pulled off her pink sneakers and socks. The two stunned women writhed side-by-side until they were brought to their feet by the unrepentant dimwit, who was just getting started with his bondage agenda! 

No chairs for Charlotte and Sara any longer; instead they sat securely trussed on a green carpet, both naked and cleave-gagged! Twisting and straining fruitlessly, they grew increasingly frustrated with Melvin's ludicrous attempt to win Charlotte back. The jilted boyfriend remained stubbornly committed to his obsession, however, and ratcheted up the restraint for his unfortunate subjects by hogtying them! As they arched on the carpet, bare toes pointed by the intensity of their struggling, Sara and Charlotte gazed up at Melvin with wide-eyed contempt.

Apparently nothing could dissuade Melvin from the belief that a hazardous afternoon in ropework would bring Charlotte back to him. So she and Sara found themselves in another awkward and humiliating position as they knelt bound and naked on a mattress, their lips sealed with strips of shining black tape! Balancing carefully side-by-side, they strained against oppressive ropework that soon included coils snaking between their pussies! Then came the surprise -- Sara caught Melvin's eye with a loud noise behind her gag, so he peeled off the tape. 

What happened here? Sara was nowhere to be seen, but Charlotte was still nude and tied up -- seated on a low stool, in fact, with her legs spread wide and a black cleave between her lips! Before Melvin departed, he magnanimously closed Charlotte's legs with ropes around her knees and ankles; as the luscious blonde kicked up her feet and whimpered in solitude, she began to consider the possibility that Melvin wasn't actually a fool at all!

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