Cadence And Gina's Double Distress

Release Date: Jul.09.2018
Running Time: 0:47:6
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Cadence Lux, Gina Valentina

Conscientious accountant Cadence Lux and her assistant Gina Valentina were planning to report a crooked rebate scheme at their company when their plans were interrupted by bondage and their whistle-blowing lips invaded by white cloth gags! Removed from the office to a dingy location, Cadence and Gina were roped to wooden chairs, where they sat twisting nervously until their gags were removed. To the bound pair's dismay, they were more efficiently silenced with cloth stuffing and duct-tape; the intimidation factor increased when Gina's breasts were bared, but their ordeal was just getting started!

Gina's breasts became the center of attention after she and Cadence were moved to a bed, where the buxom brunette knelt tied and tape-gagged. Freed from her bonds, Cadence reluctantly fondled her protege and licked her nipples, before unexpectedly thrusting her hand between Gina's pantyhosed legs! It was Gina's stockinged soles, however, that received the liveliest vibrations from her mentor's fingers after she lay wriggling on her stomach as she was tickled. When their roles were reversed by the unpredictable captors, Gina preyed on Cadence's bound breasts, then energetically toyed with her powerless boss as she lay on her side.

Once the desperate executives had furnished humiliating entertainment for the vicious operatives holding them, Gina and Cadence were stripped to their skirts and stood tied, tape-gagged and barefoot against the bed's bottom rail. A feeble attempt to loosen each other's wrist bonds succeeded only in annoying their hosts, who attached them to the bed's headboard after an upgrade to wraparound tape-gags. Folded onto their hips, Cadence and Gina huddled together and waited for the rescuers they hoped were on the way.

Poor Gina can't seem to avoid bondage, even when she's working on her makeup in the bathroom mirror. Cornered by a jealous rival, the curvaceous Miss Valentina was subdued by white rope tightened around her snug black gown, her voice muffled by a bright red ball lodged between her lips! Her breasts exposed, Gina first stood barefoot with her back against the wall, then sat struggling on a small black cube, her ankles roped in place.

Cadence also found it difficult to escape domination by rope, once again bound and gagged while trying to relax after her harrowing experience. Denim shorts, sleeveless top and sandals were intended for an outdoor pleasures; instead Cadence sat tied on the bed, unhappily mouthing a red bandanna. Her situation deteriorated rapidly until the barefoot and bare-breasted young woman rolled around battling hopelessly against a hogtie! 

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