Girls: Meet The Difference Maker

Release Date: Nov.18.2019
Running Time: 0:38:34
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Nella Jones, Winter Jade, Liv Wilde

Extortion usually payed off profitably for gangster-girls Nella Jones, Winter Jade and Liv Wilde but when they tried to squeeze an elderly businessman, he called the Difference-Maker. His intervention provided a lesson to the greedy trio that they wouldn't soon forget, beginning with a nasty surprise for Nella when she found Winter and Liv tied, gagged and naked at an outdoor rendezvous. Seized by the powerful man, then ordered to strip, Nella tasted humiliation when she was compelled to worship her henchwomen's bare feet while they sat squirming on a bench. After she completed her mouthing assignment, the ringleader was also bound and a cleave-gag secured between her lips; seated between Liv and Winter, Nella sensed that they hadn't seen the last of this formidable foe.

Nella's intuition was accurate because she and her associates were transported to a spacious living-room where they sat hitched separately to gleaming white couches; still naked, they were bound hand and foot, while their cleave gags had been replaced by duct-tape. The powerless bad girls eyed the Difference-Maker warily when he explained the delay in taking them to his client -- because the old man was being charged a substantial fee for his services in wrangling them, the job shouldn't look like it was too quick and easy to perform. So his nude prisoners were left to while away the hours struggling futilely in bondage until Winter loosened her ankle tether and hopped over next to Nella. Before she could free her leader, the D-M returned and assured their submission with hogties that left all three arching unhappily on their respective couches.

The time had come for the crestfallen girl gangsters to return to the office where they'd tried to play their extortion game with the old man. Nella, Winter and Liv were all permitted to clothe themselves in the tops and jeans they'd worn earlier, then were once again tied up and tape-gagged. Seated neatly on the floor near the desk where Nella had intimidated their target, the three rigorously-disciplined delinquents twisted awkwardly in rope while waiting for the office's inhabitant to return. After their shoes were removed and Winter rolled onto her side, Nella and Liv attempted to loosen the knots pinning her wrists in place with their bare toes but were interrupted by the return of the Difference-Maker and his client. Although he was delighted by the sight of these tough chicks squirming on the floor, their presence in his office made the businessman uncomfortable so he requested the D- M to move them to another location.

That location turned out to be a private jail-cell the Difference- Maker often found useful during his operations. Allowed one more change of clothing before they'd be turned over to more formal authorities, the depleted trio stood roped to the cell's metal bars, their lips sealed with dark tape that accurately symbolized their situation. Nella's short skirt revealed the glamorous gangster's long-legged allure while her dark-haired assistants battled their restrictive ropework in tight tops and jeans; thanks to the D-M's rowdy sense of humor, three pairs of bare breasts thrust through rope- confinement and three pairs of bare feet tiptoed on the chilly cement floor. Proud of his achievement, this fighter for justice was certain that Nella, Liv and Winter wouldn't be returning to their extortionate activities anytime soon.

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