Bound And Gagged Secretaries Struggle To Escape

Release Date: May.08.2017
Running Time: 0:46:33
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Dolly Leigh, Ivy Wolfe, Indica James, Jenna Sativa, Kenzie Kai, Alice Goods

Slender Dolly Leigh's a pleasant sight in her sleeveless white blouse, tight patterned skirt and heeled strappy sandals. But the primary impression Dolly makes is that of a young lady in jeopardy because she's standing tied, tape-gagged and tethered to a bedpost! Subdued by rope, Dolly's powerless to prevent her breasts from exposure and conveys her anxiety with wide-eyed expressiveness; after her shoes disappear, the hot secretary's shifted onto the bed, where she's folded onto her hip by a rope drawing her stockinged feet close to her bottom!

Junior exec Ivy Wolfe never gives up, even after she's been bound and gagged by unwelcome visitors to her home! Ivy's determination accounts for the suprising sight of the cleave- gagged and rope-handicapped young woman edging her way downstairs in jacket, blouse, skirt and heels. But the full measure of Ivy's desire to escape is revealed when she reaches the bottom steps, where she kicks off her shoes, then wriggles across the floor to the door and raises her legs to the knob! Her agile stockinged toes are about to succeed in opening the door when Ivy's escape is thwarted; hitched to the stair-railing and tape- gagged, the spunky heroine won't stop struggling but knows she's been defeated! 

Hardworking Indica James discovers the perils of conscientiousness when she's grabbed while alone in the office by a guy with an agenda of his own. Neatly attired in a vest, blouse, skirt and heels, tape-gagged Indica sits trussed-up and trembling on the floor, her back against the desk! The intruder's expecting guests of his own so he tries to hide Indica behind a screen but the indignant exec temporarily foils him by kicking it over! The frustrated felon swiftly disciplines his troublesome pawn by baring her breasts and slipping the shoes off her small stockinged feet, then folding her legs with a waist- ankle tether; although Indica continues to strain against her bonds, she recognizes that he's won the battle! 

Sweet little Kenzie Kai couldn't look more innocent, but she's been snooping where she shouldn't have, which is why Kenzie finds herself sitting in the corner, her hands and feet bound and a white cloth spreading her lips! Kenzie's also hidden behind a screen, but her companion in amateur investigation Alice Goods locates her by tracking the tiny blonde's gag-muffled cries. Before Alice can complete the rescue, however, the evildoers appear and soon both ladies are seated side-by-side and entangled in ropes. After they're tape- gagged, Alice and Kenzie receive a nasty farewell alteration to their bondage that leaves them writhing barefoot and bare-breasted on the carpet, their legs folded by rope- links between their ankles and chest- harnesses! 

Bespectacled Jenna Sativa appears studious yet seductive in her tight blouse and skirt; she also seems confused by the predicament that finds her seated in bondage on a wooden chest to which she's been tethered by ropes leading from her knees and ankles! Whimpering through a knotted black cleave-gag, Jenna twists anxiously as her pumps are removed and her blouse opened to expose her breasts but her restraint has yet to reach its peak. That occurs when the petite secretary's hogtied on the chest and she's left to arch in desperation, her stockinged feet wriggling close to her hands!

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