Chanel Preston's Bondage Therapy

Release Date: May.08.2017
Running Time: 0:48:31
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Chanel Preston

Are these the client's fantasies...or the therapist's?

Chanel Preston's an experienced therapist, so she's surprised to find the fantasies related to her by a client so compelling. Chanel's also an eye-catching voluptuous brunette, so when she morphs from the confident professional seated in a chair to a bewildered damsel tightly bound in her bright red blouse and short dark skirt, the result is electrifying! Seated on a dark-blue platform, Chanel mouths a knotted black cleave-gag while straining vigorously against the ropes that she finds surprisingly sensual! More surprises await as her high heels vanish and her blouse bursts open; mystified by her bare- breasted and barefoot plight, Chanel struggles unavailingly and rolls onto her side.

Chanel continues to counsel her client until her questioning blurs into another provocative tableau: She's still seated in the chair but now clad in a pastel purple dress with a hint of vintage and once again securely trussed! When Chanel attempts to assert her control of the situation, she's rudely silenced with mouth-stuffing that's held in place with an overmouth cloth gag! The indignant psychologist's red-nailed bare feet are impressively displayed in black flip-flops but receive even more attention after the footwear's removed and she's toe-tied! Chanel's enticing breasts inevitably thrust through the ropes framing them, a development that adds even greater allure to her energetic contortions!

Yet another transformation changes Chanel from thoughtful questioner to enticingly bedbound beauty! After wriggling out from under the bedcover, tape-gagged Chanel struggles in her short silk nighty against ropework that overmatches her buxom body. The power of fantasy demands that her breasts must be bared to match the nakedness of her feet, but the full attraction of Chanel's shapely soles is displayed only after she's hogtied! Her body bowed and held in emphatic restraint, the silenced therapist endures her most humiliating but vibrant encounter with bondage...so far! 

No need for peekaboobs with Chanel's marvelous chest this time because she's been stripped to her panties and tied down on her back to a massage table! Gagged with duct tape, the embarrassed therapist makes a thrilling subject for the desires of a kinky libido as her hands and feet tug in futility against her bonds! But it's a change of position that accentuates Chanel's vulnerability -- after her legs are drawn up close to her chest and tethered to the table, her wrists are retied behind her knees. With Chanel so enticingly packaged, a fantasy phantom takes full advantage by tickling those immobilized soles!

Is it possible that the coolly detached therapist has surrendered to the erotic power of bondage? It certainly looks that way because after Chanel throws off her robe and kicks away her sandals, she stands in dreamy submission as the phantom binds her wrists behind her, plants a ball-gag between her lips, then webs rope above, below and between those orbs so worthy of worship! Once her ankles are tied and she's supported rope-to-chain, Chanel twists in glorious nudity, her eyes gleaming as her arousal increases! The addition of a crotch-rope brings our bound and gagged therapist's sensual stimulation to a boil when the pulsations of her pussy overwhelm the reservations of her intellect!

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