Super Heroine School

Release Date: Mar.12.2018
Running Time: 0:44:42
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Sara Brown

Sara Brown wants to be a superheroine in the worst way -- and that's exactly the way it's going to happen for poor Sara. The talent agent she chooses to guide her suggests that she begin her career as a superheroine substitute, a role that requires spending plenty of time tied up and gagged! So classy brunette Sara gets acquainted with rope and duct tape as she sits squirming barefoot in a chair, dressed in a multi-colored shirt and short black skirt. Sara even manages to free herself of the tether attaching her to the chair so she can stand carefully, but of course she's not going far.

Dressed for action in tight black shirt and grey sweat-pants, Sara's snugly roped, cleave-gagged and tucked into the back seat of an SUV, where she kicks up her bare feet. Sara has no luck freeing herself, but she's given a second chance after a move to the back of a jeep. Despite her best efforts while rolling around on her side and stomach, Sara ends up just as helpless as when she started!

Time for Sara to move into full superheroine mode, so she's attired in a skintight black catsuit and a wide black mask. White rope stands out against Sara's gleaming black-clad body as she sits at the head of a red- sheet-covered bed and murmurs anxiously behind the white tape covering her mouth. Although the enthusiastic trainee twists back and forth, even managing to swing her legs off the bed to stand briefly, Sara's defeated by her bondage once again so she's disciplined by the loss of her mask.

Sara's mask is replaced with a shiny silver one and she's given another chance to demonstrate her prowess after she's trussed up and tossed on an old mattress. Still gagged with microfoam tape and bound with tan rope, Sara's game but remains frustratingly restricted as she wriggles on her stomach and presses her toe-tied bare feet against the wall!

One more chance for Sara but she'll be less comfortable this time as she stands supported by a rope-chain link and balances barefoot while mouthing a red ball-gag. Rotating zealously, Sara exerts a final burst of energy to loosen the knotted coils subduing her; the ropework remains in place, however, and the agent accentuates her failure with a humiliatingly garish silver mask.

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