The Holly Manning Mysteries: A Case Of Classroom C

Release Date: Jan.27.2020
Running Time: 0:45:28
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Holly Manning, Mackenzie Moss

A warm welcome back for Detective Holly Manning, who planned to share her skills and experience in law enforcement with newcomers to the field. But Detective Manning was perplexed to find only one student in the classroom, a situation explained by the doors that a sinister intruder had locked. Once in charge of the classroom, he gave student Mackenzie Moss a pair of handcuffs and ordered her to use them on the detective, then gag her with cloth-stuffing and duct-tape. After Mackenzie received the same treatment, her slender body was secured with rope and she was seated on the desk in front of Holly, who sat trussed-up in her chair. Lurking in the shadows, the detective's familiar foe watched as his resourceful enemy rolled around in the chair and attempted to loosen her bound and gagged student's tightly-knotted ropes with her bare toes. She failed, unfortunately, so both teacher and pupil would learn several more hard lessons that day.

The detective's nemesis had prepared for a long day of domination that continued after both women were uncuffed and relieved of rope. Holly was compelled to change into a tight, glistening top and black pants while Mackenzie was stripped to her panties; their hands pinned behind their backs with zip-ties that also hobbled their ankles, the barefoot women mouthed white cloth gags as they sat on the floor beneath a chalkboard. Although they twisted back-to-back to pluck at each other's wrists, the hard plastic bonds remained immovable. In search of a way out of the classroom that had become their prison, the detective and her protege edged slowly along the hardwood floor but were halted by the sight of the disturbing figure looming above them.

Concerned that he could no longer keep the classroom sealed off, the vicious schemer moved his unfortunate pawns to a nearby room where they were placed on a bed. Holly remained in the same outfit while Mackenzie was generously permitted to put on a minidress; both garments were tautly coiled with rope and duct-tape sealed the anxious women's lips. As they struggled next to each other against the bed's headboard, Mackenzie tugged at her mentor's ankle bonds with her toes, an act that led to string-ties around her big toes and Holly's as well. An attempt to peel off their tape-gags also proved futile, after which the discouraged aspiring investigator huddled close to Detective Manning and laid her head on Holly's shoulder.

After their malevolent master demanded that they change to a more casual look, Holly and Mackenzie were tied hand and foot, then sat together with their blue-jeaned legs dangling over the bed's footboard. Although the tape- gagged pair maintained a spirited resistance, they were unable to do more than raise their bare feet while stretching out legs pinned by ankle-ropes. Even that degree of mobility vanished after the vile rogue subjected the hapless women to hogties, then observed clinically as they wriggled on their stomachs. Bare soles flexing, Mackenzie rolled onto her side to reveal breasts exposed when her top burst open, then lay with her back against Holly, who arched arduously while gazing angrily at the heartless man savoring their humiliation.

His revenge project against Holly Manning was complete but victory over the courageous detective left this scornful lawbreaker as mean-spirited as ever. So the beleaguered teacher and her intimidated student were marched outdoors where they sat amidst foliage on a stone bench, their bodies once more controlled by rope and their voices muffled by tape. After sneering at their bound and gagged state, the evil figure left Mackenzie and Holly to twist and strain on the bench; turning back-to-back, they worked resolutely against the knotted ropes that rendered them powerless. When they were found, however, bondage still prevailed against the resistance of two women whose educational intentions had been so ruthlessly suppressed.

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