Lena Shelby Bravely Resists Restraint

Release Date: Aug.26.2019
Running Time: 0:46:28
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Lena Shelby

Lena Shelby was about to learn that digging too deeply into the affairs of a powerful politician could bring alarming consequences. When she refused his representative's request to surrender the information she'd gathered, the unthinkable occurred: Lena was tied up in her chair and a cloth secured between her lips to muffle her voice! While the pretty journalist twisted indignantly, the intruder calmly informed her that he wouldn't be leaving until his demand was met. Bound and gagged in her blouse and skirt, Lena continued to struggle while he searched her house; after she slipped off her heels, the courageous girl wriggled barefoot on the floor. But Lena's move to the door was ended by the operative's return, then she was pinned back on the chair with ropes coiled around her waist. When he removed her gag and repeated his demand, Lena remained defiant and their one-sided contest continued.

Moved to a less comfortable chair, Lena also lost her blouse and skirt, then sat tied in a black bra and thong panties. She once again refused to co-operate, so a duct-tape gag was added and she was left to consider her very limited options. Although Lena's ankles were tethered to a chair-leg, she managed to shift in the seat and move the chair close to her back door, which the thug had covered with a sheet. Before she could make progress in breaching the obstacle, however, Lena was thwarted once more and her body controlled more effectively. Almost immobilized by the rope network linking her ankles to the back of the chair, the anxious captive momentarily considered surrendering to her oppressor but summoned the courage to remain resolute.

Lena's vulnerability escalated after she was stripped to her panties, then bound, tape- gagged and blindfolded. Seated on the edge of a coffee-table with her ankles once again hitched in place, bare-breasted Lena strained against knots that she knew would defy her limited strength. The blindfold that disoriented her contributed to the intimidation carefully arranged by her cold-hearted opponent. When her apprehensive contortions finally freed her vision from the cloth tied over her eyes, Lena was disheartened by the sight of her patient nemesis, who repeated the familiar demand; anger at his arrogance overcame the desire to escape his bondage so she rejected it for the third time.

There were no clothes left on Lena after her panties were removed and as the intimidation scheme moved forward, she stood against the sheet-covered door with her wrists and ankles bound while mouthing another white cloth. To mock her helpless condition, Lena had been placed close to the outdoor space where she'd have a slight chance of receiving help; turning carefully on her bare feet, she looked sadly through the door she was powerless to open. But Lena was denied even that opportunity after she was lowered onto the floor, rope tightened around her chest and a tether applied between her waist and ankles. Gagged, bound and naked, Lena strained hopelessly until she at last surrendered to her hated oppressor by promising to turn over all the evidence she had accumulated.

She'd no longer have to listen to his grating voice but the ruthless operative refused to free Lena after cleaning out her trove of incriminating information. Still naked, she lay facedown on the floor, lips sealed with microfoam tape; although Lena knew she had no choice but to submit, her defeat by the gloating man was difficult to accept. Determined to escape her nude restraint, Lena arched off the floor while yanking forcefully at the knots securing her wrists. But her contortions only succeeded in bringing a last binding response by the man she'd see in her nightmares; with her legs hitched to a nearby table, Lena would no longer be able to raise her bare feet in the air and her struggles would become even more awkward after he departed. 

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