Charlie Royce: Bondage Fantasies

Release Date: Apr.23.2011
Running Time: 0:40:27
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Charlie Royce

While Charlie Royce is staying at a friend's house, she finds a vintage bondage magazine that sets her imagination afire!


Dazzling in a little black cocktail dress, long-legged Charlie fights a losing battle against the snug swaths of white rope holding her captive! As Charlie rolls from the couch to the floor, her cries for help are muffled by a taut black cleave gag!


A conservatively-clad secretary now, Charlie imagines that she's accosted by three thugs when she returns home from work! Mouth stuffing held in place by a white cleave gag silences her, but Charlie fights bravely until she's overpowered and efficiently roped to a chair!


Trench-coated detective Charlie's assignment goes very wrong when she's wrapped and gagged with red tape and unceremoniously deposited on the hardwood floor!


Yearning to be a damsel in distress waiting for rescue, Charlie fantasizes that she's hogtied and tape-gagged on her bed and passes the hours before her boyfriend's return by squirming and squealing!


Luscious in colorful pajamas, Charlie enjoys another bedtime fantasy: now she's snugly bound, gagged with silver duct tape and hidden under the sheets by a burglar! Charlie succeeds in kicking off the bedcovers, but surrenders to the rigorous bondage! 


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Charlie's the best! Sexy as all get-out; this vid makes a lot of MY bondage fantasies come true.


Charlie Royce is such a HOT Damsel In Distress !! What a beautiful, sexy pro. Awesome Vid !